N4B Journal


When the scientific calculator was introduced it was the ultimate tool… What was taking much time in calculations in physics and chemistry equations was shortened substantially with this new tool… It remained however a tool until it became commonly accessible… then it became a requirement and those who mastered its use became better students. The same concept applied to the use of the basic alpha numeric calculators and later, at the dawn of processors, to the first programmable basic computers… Those who had them, and knew how to use them, had that cutting edge advantage… It put them slightly ahead and these days slightly ahead is far in front… The same driving need to excel, to better ourselves, and to provide that cutting edge, remains the catalyst behind all success stories… to ignore the need would have been academically irresponsible… At Al Mawakeb we recognized that…it was not necessary to reinvent the wheel… just simply reassemble it, reshape it, and refine it…

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