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Notebook Do's

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  • Replace the plastic bezel faces (if supplied) when you exchange drives in your Notebook.
  • Store your external and removable Hard Disk Drive, Diskette Drive and CD-ROM Drive in the appropriate container or packaging when not in use.
  • When installing your Hard Disk Drive, Diskette Drive or CD-ROM Drive, apply pressure only where indicated on the device.
  • When installing the CD-ROM or Diskette Drive into the UltraBay, ensure the AC Adapter is disconnected from your computer.
  • Ensure that you carry your Notebook in a quality carry case. Also ensure that accessories are properly arranged within the Carry Case. You may be tempted to use it with carrying case as a cushion when sitting in a public place but it may turnout to be a very expensive cushion if you are unable to retrieve your data/information when it is required most.
  • Treat your Notebook like a precision piece of electronic machinery. Keep liquid away from it to prevent costly repairs. Avoid using it in very humid area.
  • Register your Notebook products with IBM or HP - this can help authorities return your Notebook to you if it is lost or stolen.
  • Retain and store packing materials safely out of reach of children to prevent the risk of suffocation from plastic bags.