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Your Notebook carries a 3-Year International Warranty against failures or defects that may arise due to defective design, materials or manufacturing. So in case there is a malfunction get your Notebook to the IT HelpDesk and Interconnect will immediately rectify the malfunction.


Warranty on your Notebook would however be void under the following circumstances:
  1. Notebook damaged due to mishandling or accident (eg. Cracked LCD Panel)
  2. Notebook function or design altered by Student / Faculty
  3. Notebook repaired by non-authorized Service Provider
  4. Use of non-IBM/HP Supplier Options, Adapters, Memory, Processor for upgrades
  5. Software applications, Freeware and non-licensed applications
  6. BIOS Flash (unless a down-level is encountered during Warranty Repair)
  7. Removal or alteration of the Notebook or Parts Identification Labels